Cosco Guangdong Splashes Vroon’s 4th Livestock Carrier

Cosco Guangdong Splashes Vroon's 4th Livestock Carrier

Cosco Guangdong Shipyard in China held, on Dec 22nd, a launching ceremony for Vroon’s next livestock carrier, the Girolando Express.

The vessel is designed to have a cargo capacity of approx. 4,500 sqm (approx 4,000 head of cattle at 350 kg/head) and a cruising range of approx. 18,000 NM, sufficient for a voyage from Brazil to China and back without refuelling.

Cosco Guangdong Splashes Vroon's 4th Livestock CarrierThe newbuild will be fitted with animal welfare services (ventilation / watering / feeding) that exceed Australian (AMSA) regulations which are considered to be the world’s most stringent. The vessel features a new design of bow which will result in significant fuel savings whilst being able to maintain a high service speed of abt 16.75 knots in heavy weather without detrimental impact to the comfort of the livestock cargo on board.


LOA: 134.80m

Length between pp: 125.25m

Beam moulded: 19.60m

Depth: 15.90m

Girolando Express, the last in a series of four livestock carriers, is scheduled for delivery next year.


Vroon December 24, 2013

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