Update: Costa Concordia Refloating Operations Begin

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The Concordia refloating operations have started regularly. At 6 am the Senior Salvage Master, Nick Sloane, reached the Remote Operations Center located on the Concordia with the rest of the team.

Costa Concordia Refloating Operations Begin

With the arrival of the ferry at 8.30 am the final phase of the lightening of the wreck has begun.

Only less then 1,000 tonnes of weight remain, out of the initial 30,000 tonnes; as soon as this step is completed, the wreck can be lifted off the platforms.

In a first stage, this will happen in the stern area.


12:00: The Concordia’s stern and bow are now detached from the false sea bed by about 1 meter. The wreck is floating thanks to the sponsons.

Before being towed 30 meters East, the Concordia will need to be refloated of another meter.

Technicians have now begun to tighten the chains on starboard sponson S14, as planned.

Press Release, July 14, 2014

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