Photo: COVE

COVE and IGNITE join forces in ocean tech sector

Canadian innovation hubs COVE and IGNITE have signed a memorandum of understanding to boost the regional ocean innovation network, commercialisation of new technologies, and to propel the success of entrepreneurs and businesses in the “fish tech” sector.

The partnership aims to deepen sector expertise of capture fisheries and aquaculture by sharing ideas for new technology creation and adoption and pairing amongst the members from both organizations.

Working in collaboration, the two Nova Scotia inovation hubs will increase connections among members to participate in networking events, identify supply chain partners, and commercial opportunities.

Doug Jones, CEO of IGNITE, said: “In formalizing the relationship with COVE, IGNITE is continuing help grow the ocean economy of Rural Nova Scotia by connecting our entrepreneurs and industry into a greater global network.

“The relationship with COVE allows for greater communication and partnership between the ocean industry in Nova Scotia and COVE leading to greater commercial opportunities, technology integration and overall growth in the ocean economy.”

Jim Hanlon, CEO of COVE, said: “Our relationship with IGNITE lets us build further connections to entrepreneurs located in Southwestern Nova Scotia; the heart of one of the most dynamic fisheries in North America.

“The deep subject matter expertise that IGNITE members bring along with the product commercialization power of COVE will accelerate the growth of Nova Scotia’s and Canada’s ocean economy.”