CPNL Celebrates 5th Anniversary in New Office

CPNL Engineering, a challenging engineer and supplier of alternative cable protection systems, is celebrating 5 years of successfully meeting and exceeding customer requirements in the offshore cable market.

Ton and Marloes Tuk established the family business in 2009 at the kitchen table with the ambition to optimise the articulated pipe in order to make cable installation with protection systems easier on board of a cable installation vessel and underneath the water for the divers. In 2011, CPNL received its first order for Prinses Amaliawindpark and worked steadily towards the bigger success of supplying 104 cable protection systems to RWE’s 295MW Nordsee Ost wind farm.

Today, CPNL plays an important role in O&M projects with existing cable protection systems replaced by CPNL for its simpler solution in a challenging time frame. The company supplies not only articulated pipes with several type of corrosion protection, but also centralisers, environmentally friendly hang-offs, cable crossing solutions and spreader bars with compressed-air release system.

“The most interesting development through the years is that CPNL becomes a harder to ignore entity in the market. We build up proof around our products by verifying and validating our concepts. We have a consistent and constructive approach with a no-nonsense attitude,”  Ton Tuk, director CPNL Engineering , recalled. “CPNL has demonstrated multiple times that with articulated pipes the system is more flexible, easier to install and, therefore, quicker to install.  We have set the bar with a true diverless concept, which is not limited to installation only. If a cable is damaged it takes 1 hour to retrieve and redo the work with the same protection components. We have always looked for better ways to make cable installation easier and contribute to a higher cable lifetime.”

Marloes Tuk, commercial manager, added: “We would like to thank CPNL’s employees and customers, current and future, It has been an intriguing 5 years where Ton, Marcel and I learned a lot about the market. We are happy to give recognition for the dedication and loyalty to CPNL and our unique moments. We have done some amazing achievements together, but we are most certain that the best is still yet to come.”

From this week on,  CPNL Engineering BV’s head office  is based at Roald Amundsenstraat 56 in Emmen – Netherlands.

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Press release, September 08, 2014; Image: CPNL