Crowley Turns to Future Care for Mariner Health Protection

Crowley Maritime Corporation has entered a partnership with Future Care, Inc. As explained by Crowley, the move is aimed at ensuring that “the company’s active mariners are receiving the best possible health care while at sea.”

Crowley Turns to Future Care for Mariner Health Protection

Crowley added that Future Care’s “Caring for the Crew” program provides 24-hour medical advice to crew aboard Crowley’s worldwide fleet of vessels.

“Mariners at sea operate in remote and sometimes challenging environments where emergency and routine medical care can be limited. But, Crowley’s partnership with Future Care gives them around the clock emergency access to on-call physicians and nurses 365 days a year. This program is in addition to care that mariners receive from the trained medical care providers aboard all of Crowley’s vessels,” Crowley’s press release read.

“Future Care has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality managed health care services for ill or injured seafarers around the world,” said Christina DeSimone, CEO of Future Care Inc.

In addition to emergency services, Future Care also provides routine consultations and can coordinate shoreside appointments on a global scale. This additional health and wellness program is expected to help keep Crowley crewmembers working, while reducing Lost Time and OSHA reportable incidents.

“Better management of the medical treatment of mariners helps them return to work as soon as possible and may also allow alternative work arrangements to keep mariners employed while allowing the company to continue providing best-in-class service to its customers,” said Captain Margaret Reasoner, managing director of Crowley’s marine personnel department.

According to the Maritime Labor Convention, international shipping companies are required to ensure that all seafarers are covered by adequate measures for the protection of their health and that they have access to prompt and adequate medical care whilst working aboard.

The Future Care team consists of nurses, physicians, medical case managers and preferred medical networks. The company assigns a specially trained physician and care manager to monitor and supervise each crewmember’s illness or injury.

Crowley, May 20, 201

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