CTM’s Supramax RSA Welcomes d’Amico

d’Amico Dry Cargo, part of the Italian d’Amico Group, has become the latest member to join C Transport Maritime’s (CTM) Supramax Revenue Sharing Agreement (RSA).

Illustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license

As informed, the first of d’Amico’s Supramax bulkers to join the RSA fleet will be M/V Medi Bangkok and M/V Medi Paestum.

The 68,927 cbm Medi Bangkok and the 70,700 cbm Medi Paestum were built in Japan in 2006 and 2009, respectively. The vessel pair is part of d’Amico Group’s fleet which comprises around 120 vessels.

According to CTM, the Supramax RSA is currently the largest Supramax pool on the market. In the RSA, all of the vessels are run together and the incomes generated are distributed to the members according to the revenue earning capabilities of their vessels within the agreement.

Operations of the pool commenced in 2013, with five members and thirteen vessels increasing to over 60 ships today. The average age of the ships in the fleet is four years, with sizes of vessels ranging from 45,000 to 64,000 dwt.

In 2018, tonnage carried by vessels in the RSA fleet amounted to a total of 21.961,031 tons.