Photo: CWinds

CWind’s Endeavour changes hands

CWind has completed the sale of its crew transfer vessel (CTV) Endeavour to Wood Marine, a port services operator based in Suffolk.

The sale of the 18.5m catamaran is said to be part of CWind’s strategic plan to remodel its CTV fleet and enables the company to pursue new vessels.

To remind, CWind has recently launched CWind Poineer, the world’s first hybrid-powered Surface Effect Ship (SES).

“We continuously review the composition of our fleet of over 20 CTVs, to actively divest tonnage and upgrade our fleet to suit market requirements,” said Joshua Brennan, Operations Director at CWind.

“The sale of Endeavour means we can focus on introducing new vessels to our fleet as part of our commitment to lower emissions and provide comfortable, cost-effective CTVs for our customers.”

Endeavour will join Wood Marine’s two other multipurpose workboats, providing port services including crew and stores transfers, hydrographic surveying, ATV support and dive support.