Dales Marine Services Repairs Fishing Vessel at Leith Dry Dock (UK)


Dales Marine Services has taken another significant step forward in the development of activity at its Leith dry dock, with work there for the first time on a fishing vessel. The Fraserburgh pelagic trawler, Christina S, hasdocked to undergo a wash, painting and the fitting of a new transducer during May.

Adding to the growing list of users of the Imperial Dock, the trawler was the first fishing industry contract secured by Dales Marine for the facility on Scotland’s east coast since beginning to operate there just over a year ago.

Michael Milne, Dales Marine Director and General Manager, commented: “The success is another important stage in our development of operations at the refurbished Leith dock and in line with our strategy of adding a second facility to open up new markets. The Christina S’s draught is too deep for her to be handled in our Aberdeen dock. She is also too big for ship lifts in the North-east and, at 76 metres, too long for dry docking there. The Leith dock is ideal for accommodating pelagic trawlers and, for the industry, a very viable alternative to work being undertaken overseas.”

Part of the Dales Group, the company was established in 1987. In Aberdeen since 1991, it has leased the dry dock and associated facilities there since 2004 and has previously worked on fishing vessels there and alongside at Aberdeen and other ports.


Source: dalesmarine , May 27, 2011