Damen Delivers 5th PSV to World Wide Supply

Damen Delivers 5th PSV to World Wide Supply

Damen Shipyards Group yesterday delivered the fifth Platform Supply Vessel in a series of six to World Wide Supply of Norway.

World Opal, a Damen PSV 3300 CD, is the first ship, World Diamond, was delivered in July and the last in the series ‘World Sapphire’ is due to be delivered mid-December.

Delivery of the new design involved extensive CAD/CAM modelling by Damen Shipyards itself and model testing at Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN).

Damen Delivers 5th PSV to World Wide SupplyThe 3300 is part of an entire new range of Damen PSVs. With an 80.1m length, the PSV 3300 has a deck load of 1,500 tonnes. The new type can be used to transport crew and equipment to and from offshore platforms but it also offers fire-fighting and oil pollution recovery capability.

Equipped with azimuth thrusters and dynamic positioning (DP2), the design is distinguished by slender hull lines to meet challenging conditions, minimise fuel consumption and to enhance crew comfort.

Four of the six World Wide Supply PSV 3300s have secured long-term contracts supporting Petrobras, offshore Brazil. The remaining two are expected to be offered to the North Sea spot charter market.



Press Release, December 6, 2013



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