Damen delivers third FOCSV ‘Fugro Frontier’

Fugro has received the third of a series of three Fugro Offshore Coastal Survey Vessels (FOCSV) being built by Damen on December 12, 2014.

Fugro Frontier is a compact, diesel-electric FOCSV designed for a variety of tasks. However, according to Damen, Fugro Frontier has benefited from tailoring to the conditions she will meet in its chosen market off the coast of Africa.

Adapted to requirements

Fugro has taken delivery of the first of three FOCSVs, Fugro Proteus, in July this year and the second one, Fugro Pioneer, in September.

According to the press release, all three vessels have an advanced design capable of taking on geotechnical work, environmental baseline surveys, moon pool deployment plus monitoring and inspection duties.

“However since these vessels are to work in different areas, each is adapted to suit a particular environment. As a result, this series has been developed specifically to allow for a number of optional configurations,” says Mijndert Wiesenekker, Sales Director for Damen’s Benelux region.

Therefore the Fugro Frontier, which is aiming to work across a number of various African markets, has a slightly different deck layout to her sisters including a small daughter craft, Damen explains. This will be utilised as a survey vessel where areas of shallow water would prevent a larger craft from entering.

Although Fugro Frontier is the third  vessel to have been recently built directly by Damen for Fugro, the company says that recent years have seen the two groups developing a relationship through collaboration on a number of refit projects. Damen adds that a further vessel for Fugro is also presently under construction in Brazil.

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