Damen DOP200 Proved Successful in Bremen

The German contractor Matthäi Wasserbau recently ordered a DOP submersible dredge pump for their environmental cleanup job in Bremen, Germany.

For the project, they rented a DOP200 dredge pump from Hydrauvision. The rental included an auger head for the DOPs suction side for precision dredging, and a diesel/hydraulic power pack for the drive.

The job was to dredge a small layer of sediment and to pump it to a basin some 600 m ahead. The DOP, attached to a pontoon-based excavator, worked at a max dredging depth of 7m, yet the average depth was 2-3m.

According to Damen, all equipment was placed on a pontoon in a small lake. This lake contains rain water as well as drainage water.

The total surface of the lake was approx. 18.000m². Greatest challenge of the job was to do the job as efficient as possible – the trick was to reach the largest possible surface from the pontoon yet relocating it as little as possible, Damen said.