d’Amico Launches Four Eco-Ships Built by Hyundai Mipo

The d’Amico Group has launched four new state of the art “eco-ship” vessels in Ulsan, Korea, designed in collaboration with the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard.

d’Amico Launches Four Eco-Ships Built by Hyundai Mipo

The four new units will be added to the fleet of tankers belonging to d’Amico Tankers Ltd, 100% owned by d’Amico International Shipping, guaranteeing significant results in terms of energetic efficiency, and therefore the related economic performance of the vessels, as well as reduction in emissions.

The “Eco Tankers” project envisioned by the d’Amico Group and carried out in close collaboration with the Korean dockyard marks a turning point for the maritime transport industry: by integrating the technical skills of d’Amico and the building experience of the dockyard, emerged the unique design of these vessels allowing them to obtain an average saving of 6 tons of fuel per day (for vessels with a full load and a constant speed of 14 knots) and the consequent 20% reduction of CO2 emissions.

“We are proud to open the year with the launch of the first four vessels built in collaboration with the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, which represent a unique opportunity,” stated Paolo d’Amico, President of the d’Amico Group. “This collaboration has enabled the creation of what we may define the latest generation of eco-ship vessels, that will allow us to further increase our competitiveness and leadership in the international shipping industry. The plan for new launches does not end here, during 2014 the group will launch other new vessels also in the dry cargo business area.”

The four new RINA classified vessels, whose purchase orders were already reported in July and September 2012, amounting to a total of USD 127 million, “christened” Cielo di Gaeta, Cielo di New York, High Freedom and High Discovery, are all 183 metres long and 32 metres wide.

On a technical level, the design includes several new features that favour reduced motion resistance and increased propulsive efficiency, as well as the choice of the latest generation motors with a high reduction of specific  consumptions. Moreover, important innovations for navigation safety have been introduced to the vessels.

In terms of trade, the first two vessels will transport a load of 40,000 dwt, the other two 50,000 dwt. They will be used primarily to transport refined petroleum products and they have all been already chartered to big international players.

With the addition of these four new vessels, the d’Amico Group fleet reaches 47 owned units (24 Tankers e 23 Dry) and 33.5 chartered units (19.5 Tankers and 14 Dry). The d’Amico Group thus confirms its constant efforts in technological development, also showing great anticipation in relation to the international energy efficiency standards that all maritime transport operators will have to comply by 2025.

These choices place the d’Amico fleet among the youngest and most innovative internationally, with increasing attention towards environmental impact: factors that improve its competitive position and ability to act among the main players of the international trade hubs.


d’Amico Group, January 20, 2014

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