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Dan-Unity, Victrol team up for CO2 one-stop shop

Shipping companies Dan-Unity CO2 and Victrol are collaborating to offer end-to-end seaborn CO2 transportation by rivers and sea from mainland Northern Europe to utilisation and storage facilities.

The collaboration comes as a part of fighting climate change and results in the CO2 one-stop shop based on both companies’ experience in the transportation of gaseous cargoes.

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According to Dan-Unity, it is the first safe and complete transport for inland emitters, introducing barges as a very competitive solution since many hard-to-abate industries are located adjacent to rivers.

Danish Dan-Unity and Belgian Victrol claim that they can secure a cost-efficient and safe seaborn conveyer belt of large amounts of captured CO2 from the largest industry emitters in inland Northern Europe from 2025.

As described, newbuild CO2 barges from Victrol can transport CO2 via the European rivers out to ports near sea such as Rotterdam or Antwerp. From here Dan-Unity’s specialized vessels can pick it up and transport large volumes of captured CO2 either for utilisation or for storage.

Furthermore, Victrol’s CO2 barges can also be used for collecting CO2 from several smaller entities in one region e.g. in Scandinavia or Northern Europe. Then larger Dan-Unity CO2 vessels can take it to Iceland more cost-effective than smaller sized vessels, the companies explain.

Dan-Unity partners with Carbfix in Iceland, where very large amounts of CO2 can be safely injected into Iceland’s volcanic bedrock as of 2026, thereby transformed into stone through natural processes within two years.

Finally, the companies informed they can build the number of vessels and barges required using new designs with a lead time of only 27-28 months with both designs prepared to sail on green energy.

Barging the CO2 is said to be a competitive transport mode across borders as it is easy to scale up when volumes increase and future volumes coverage can be assured in a non-permanent, flexible and efficient way.

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