Danfoss Introduces New MBS 9300 Transmitter

Danfoss Introduces New MBS 9300 Transmitter

Danfoss the global engineering company has launched a low pressure transmitter to the market. The transmitter is a supplement to the broad marine product portfolio already available. The new low pressure transmitter, type MBS 9300 is among others, suitable for monitoring the pressure in the crank case environment to detect blow-by and avoid crankcase explosions.

The pressure transmitters, type MBS 9300 are now available for general purchase.

  • Pressure ranges: 0 – 40 mbar and 0 – 250 mbar as well as bidirectional (flexible zero point) e.g. -70 to 70 mbar or -20 to 80 mbar etc.
  • Output signals: 4 – 20 mA
  • High degree of EMC/EMI protection
  • Digital temperature compensated
  • Excellent shock and vibration robustness
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • With build-in clipping function on request
  • Self-diagnostics feature
  • Enclosure and wetted parts of stainless steel
  • 10 international marine approvals are being applied for

The new MBS 9300 low pressure transmitter offers the possibility to measure the pressure in the crankcase and other applications like pressure drops in turbocharger filters.

The change of pressure in the crankcase can result in worn piston rings or polluted filters. Being able to follow the crankcase pressure can help plan the optimal time for overhauls so unforeseen engine stops can be avoided.

Increased pressure drops in the turbocharger occur when the filter gets dirty, and will result in increased fuel consumption. Being able to follow the pressure helps indicate when cleaning of the filter is necessary. Clean filters mean increased fuel efficiency and less emission.

The new MBS 9300 pressure transmitter incorporates a new self-diagnostic feature. The self-diagnostics enables users to be notified if one of a number of failures has occurred, for example by misuse or accident.

MBS 9300 is one of the series of sensors for engine control offered by Danfoss.


Press Release, November 4, 2013