Dangling Tender Boat Keeps Costa Mediterranea in Montenegro

A Costa Cruises ship was forced to reshuffle its itinerary and stay in Kotor, Montenegro, after one of its tender boats cut loose while being lowered today, and is hanging from the side of the ship, according to local media.

No passengers or crew aboard the Costa Mediterranea were injured in the incident. The boat was reportedly being lowered for the passengers to visit the Fjord of Kotor when one of the cables snapped.

The ship is still in Kotor and is waiting for a crane to lift the tender. The ship’s crew tried several times to lift and secure the boat, but the malfunctioning vessel cut loose each time.

The Costa Mediterranea is currently on a 8-day cruise around the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.

According to its cruise itinerary, the 293-meter long Costa Mediterranea was supposed to depart from Kotor at 2 pm local time today, and sail towards the Greek port of Argostoli.

The ship will remain in Kotor until tomorrow, and the scheduled call to Argostoli has been cancelled. Instead, the Costa Mediterranea will sail from Kotor to the Greek island of Corfu on August 26.

World Maritime News Staff