DCNS Acquires a New Linear Accelerator

In an increasingly demanding environment in terms of deadlines, quality and safety, the non destructive test – that is to say the inspection of a part without affecting its future use – is a fundamental component of the industrial quality management.

DCNS Acquires a New Linear Accelerator

This is the reason why DCNS has made the choice of new investments for its activities of inspection of high technicality metal parts in the energy field (Nuclear, marine energies, etc.). This is evidenced by the recent acquisition of a new linear accelerator.

A high-performance and unusual linear accelerator

Replacing the existing equipment by a more recent version strengthens DCNS know-how regarding the non destructive tests for parts with thickness higher than / exceeding 70 mm. Both the equipment and the skills needed to implement it are rare because they often concern a very small number of manufacturers of castings or nuclear components.

The DCNS “inspections” team, installed in DCNS site of Nantes, will very soon make this new linear accelerator available to its customers. Its setting to work and use shall be subject to the approval of the Nuclear Safety Authority.

As an example, this equipment will make it possible to inspect the quality and therefore the safety of welded parts, castings or forged parts of the nuclear plant (steam generator, reactor vessel) as well as propeller blades.


dcnsgroup, February 13, 2014

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