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DeepOcean places major ROV camera order

DeepOcean has placed an order with Norway’s Imenco for 96 underwater cameras for its entire fleet of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

The contract, which is Imenco’s largest single contract to date in the underwater camera market, will see DeepOcean mount all the cameras on its ROVs over the next three years.

The cameras are the SubVIS Orca HD IP Zoom Camera, a high-end camera that is used as the main camera on ROVs.

According to Imenco, the camera has a built-in, Imenco-developed computer for transferring high quality and low time delay video, and numerous different parameters can be configured by the user to adapt to the operator’s other equipment and operational conditions.

Erik M. Hauge, operations director for DeepOceans’ Europe region, said that it is very positive to be able to sign this contract with a local company such as Imenco.

“This helps to strengthen our local region, Haugalandet, and its strong position as a subsea region. Over a three-year period, we will replace all our underwater cameras on the ROVs with a future-oriented quality product, which will strengthen our competitiveness,” Hauge added.

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