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DeepOcean turns to Vaarst for underwater measuring system

Ocean services provider DeepOcean has purchased its second SubSLAM underwater measuring system from Vaarst, Rovco’s technology spin-off.

The SubSLAM X2 system was recently verified by Bureau Veritas as the most accurate real-time underwater measuring system in the world.

It is said to enable highly accurate 3D measurements and reconstructions, detecting the smallest defects on marine-based assets and maintaining good accuracy while delivering real-time 3D imaging to any device in the world.

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According to Vaarst, the ocean services provider purchased its first SubSLAM X2 system in June 2021. Now, with the second purchase, DeepOcean expects to reduce the size of survey crews and the vessels it charters as the data collected by the system can be streamed live to onshore locations.

At the same time, this supports DeepOcean’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2040.

Kristoffer Johansen, technology manager at DeepOcean, said: “When we heard about SubSLAM we knew that it was something that would allow us to create value for our customers. The technology is significantly improving the way we conduct subsea surveys, reducing our costs and turnaround time while maintaining the high quality of service our customers demand – that’s why we’ve taken the decision to acquire another system. 

We had high expectations of this system and they have been met. It’s clear to me that Vaarst is a company that delivers what it promises, and to be able to execute what it is currently promising is a formidable feat of engineering.

Vaarst’s founder and CEO Brian Allen added: “Vaarst is committed to unlocking the potential of cloud robotics for the offshore industry, and we’re delighted to be working with DeepOcean to help them realise the benefits of our SubSLAM system.

Technology is going to be key to reducing both the financial and environmental costs of ocean operations, and by enabling more businesses to conduct highly accurate subsea survey work with SubSLAM-equipped ROVs and AUVs, we’re making it easier, faster, cheaper, safer, and far more sustainable to manage and maintain energy infrastructure. This is going to be critical to realising net-zero, as we continue to build our renewable capacity and transition away from fossil fuels.

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