DeepWater Buoyancy Records Good Growth in 2014

DeepWater Buoyancy Inc. has doubled both its facility and workforce during the first eight months of 2014. The new facility was opened in January after securing the rights to the Flotation Technologies syntactic foam-based, legacy oceanographic and oil/gas undersea product lines.

DeepWater Buoyancy Records Good Growth in 2014

“We are so grateful for the loyal customer support we’ve seen since opening our doors in January,” said DeepWater Buoyancy Co-President & Director of Business Development, David Capotosto. “Because of their trust in our team and products, we have already shipped thousands of buoys, systems and subsea components to a dozen different countries.”

“One key to our rapid expansion,” said Capotosto, “is that our customers have been able to make a seamless transition from Flotation Technologies to DeepWater Buoyancy. We’re shipping new and replacement buoys and components daily.” The company manufactures a full line of ADCP buoys, cable floats, instrument collars and custom syntactic solutions reliable at depths exceeding six thousand meters.

Key milestones in DeepWater Buoyancy’s growth include:

January 2014

– Company begins to offer newly-acquired, legacy designs from Flotec;
– Ten-thousand square-foot facility designed, refurbished and opened;
– Launched with initial staff of former Flotec workers;
– Initial orders shipped.

August 2014

– Facility doubled to 20,000 square feet with option for significant further growth;
– Staff more than doubled;
– Shipped over 4,800 buoys, systems and components to twelve countries along with United States;
– Served key customers including Scripps, Subsea7, Fugro, FMC Technologies, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Oceaneering International, and PGS Geophysical AS.

DeepWater Buoyancy has also aggressively expanded its network of international sales representatives, recently adding partners in Australia, Brazil, Denmark and South Africa to its sales team. Representatives are based in China, France, Spain, India, Japan, the Netherlands and additional countries across six continents.

Press Release, September 08, 2014