Denmark: Good Ideas Wanted for Development Projects on Maritime Technology

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A new call makes it possible for universities, research institutes and companies to apply for means for developing maritime technologies.

Good Ideas Wanted for Development Projects on Maritime Technology

A new European network has been established for research in and development of maritime technologies (ERA-NET MARTEC) in which the Danish Maritime Authority takes part. The network is financed by the EU and its purpose is to contribute to the development of maritime technologies through transnational calls for maritime technology programmes.

 Possibility for development project support

As a part of the work of the network, a call was opened in December 2013 where cross-national consortia can apply for funding for maritime technology projects. The call is open now and until 30 April 2014. As a part of the call, a “brokerage event” will be held in Turku, Finland, on 30 January 2014 where interested parties can find project partners.

In Denmark, reference can, inter alia, be made to the Danish Maritime Fund, the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, the Danish Business Authority and the Environmental Protection Agency as regards the possibilities of granting support to projects through the call. Foreign participants in consortia are to apply for support from pools, etc. in their own countries.


APM Terminals, January 13, 2014

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