Denmark: Hempel Introduces New Versions of Antifoulings, GLOBIC, OCEANIC and OLYMPIC

Hempel Introduces New Versions of Antifoulings, GLOBIC, OCEANIC and OLYMPIC

Hempel has launched new versions of its GLOBIC, OCEANIC and OLYMPIC ranges of antifoulings. The new coatings feature optimised binder systems, polishing rates, biocide packages and solids levels. What’s more, Hempel’s new formulations extend the Hempel range to ensure the right protection level for every need.

The company’s R&D teams spent long hours in the lab to ensure that these new products would deliver the best possible combination of biocides, ideal polishing patterns and even lower leached layers. And of course, all Hempel’s antifoulings feature microfibre reinforcement for superior mechanical strength.

Introducing GLOBIC 9000  new top-end antifouling

Hempel GLOBIC 9000 is an improvement on GLOBIC NCT antifouling and now comes in a high-solids version. The product is built on a nano-capsule binder; a unique, patented technology that Hempel has developed over the past 10 years.

Nano-capsule technology has been protecting more than 2,000 vessels for over 5 years now. As expected, the company is seeing vessels docking after 5 years with hulls in perfect condition. This technology is a key component of Hempel’s new and improved GLOBIC 9000 antifouling.

GLOBIC 6000 – high solids performance for 60-month intervals

GLOBIC 6000 is new 60-month solution. Like the rest of the GLOBIC range, the product benefits from patented nano-capsule binder technology. GLOBIC 6000 was developed for vessels requiring very good protection for 60- months of service in worldwide waters

OCEANIC+ is a cost-effective solution for up to 60 months

OCEANIC+, cost-effective solution for 60-month intervals, offers reliable performance in most trading waters. Now, Hempel has  further improved the OCEANIC line with a high-solids version and aspecial version that has been engineered specifically for flat-bottom applicaitons.

Reformulated OLYMPIC+ shows solid performance in the 36-months category

In the 36-month category, OLYMPIC+ has been improved to deliver the benefits of a high-solids coating. Now more than ever, OLYMPIC+ is a true winner for short docking intervals, delivering reliable, well documented performance on hulls across the globe.

Source: hempel, August 15, 2012;