Denmark: Maersk Wins Raft of Environment Awards

From the United States to Singapore and Hong Kong, Maersk has won praise and awards for its focus on the environment.

The awards reflect the increased visibility of Maersk Line’s and Maersk Tankers’ environment initiatives.

In Singapore, Maersk Line has been awarded “Best Green Service Provider – Shipping Line” at the 25th annual Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards.

“This affirms the increasing emphasis customers place on CO2 emissions and environmental impact, and we will continue to work towards greater energy efficiency and improving our environmental performance,” said Thomas Knudsen, Chief Executive Officer for Maersk Line Asia Pacific region.

Acknowledgement from US authorities

Maersk Line is also getting the nod of approval from regulatory bodies for its sustainable approach. In the United States, Maersk Line is the first shipping carrier to win the annual Federal Maritime Commission Chairman’s Earth Day Award.

The FMC Chairman praised Maersk Line for its fuel-switching program which has saved 4,100 tons in air pollutant emissions in North America, its order of Triple-E class vessels which will further reduce the carbon emissions per container shipped by 20 percent, and its provision of carbon footprint data to customers for emissions tracking purposes.

Environment now part of company culture

In Hong Kong, Maersk Line’s investments in emission reduction and towards innovating and implanting cleaner technologies also led to Maersk Shipping Hong Kong Ltd winning the “Green Culture Award 2011”.

Notable achievements include improvement in energy efficiency from optimally operating various energy loads on ships, and implementing an onboard vessel performance analyzer to optimise fuel consumption.

Dipak Dash, Managing Director of Maersk Shipping Hong Kong Ltd sums up the significance behind the win:

“The award not only recognises environmental enhancements implemented on Maersk Line’s vessels, but also acknowledges that ‘thinking green’ has become an integrated part of our culture and ingrained in the way we work.”

Maersk Tankers also recognised

In Maersk Tankers, strong efforts have been made to become greener and safer as well, winning praise from amongst others BP and Lloyds List. Steffen Jacobsen, Head of Technical Organisation and part of Maersk Tankers management team says:

“Being safer in terms of fewer accidents and greener in terms of less CO2 emissions is a way to differentiate

us from competitors. Especially our openness about the results and ambitious goals have resulted in recognition from industry players like BP, who awarded us as partner of the year and environmental contribution of

the year.”


Source: Maersk Line, May 23, 2011.