Denmark’s Ramboll Designing Gina Krog Pipeline

Denmark's Ramboll Designing Gina Krog Pipeline

Following the recent award of the record breaking Polarled pipeline for the international energy company Statoil, Ramboll Oil & Gas has now also been selected to do detailed engineering of the pipeline for the Gina Krog (formerly known as Dagny) field development in Norway, operated by Statoil.

“We are very pleased to have been awarded this major pipeline project. We have had a longstanding and trusted partnership with Statoil for the past 10 years. During these years, Ramboll has carried out several pipeline and subsea projects including Tyrihans, Morvin, Gjøa and Gudrun. I believe that this new contract award proves Ramboll’s diverse capabilities within subsea and pipelines and that it will further strengthen our ties with the client” says Søren Skovgård Møller, Director of the Pipelines & Subsea department.

The Gina Krog field is situated roughly 230 km southwest of Stavanger, Norway. Production is due to start up in 2017, and the plan for development and production is now awaiting approval by the Norwegian parliament.

“We have got the right experience for this job”

The contract runs until 2017 and covers five subprojects, one of them being to make the detailed design of the 27 km and 20″ gas export pipeline from the Gina Krog field, which will be routed to the Sleipner A platform where a riser will be pulled in through the existing J-tube. “This is a challenging task but Ramboll has previously made this type of pull-in for the Gudrun project and we are therefore able to draw on our experience and optimise the riser design including the pullhead,” says Jan Bohl Andersen, who is Ramboll’s project manager for the Gina Krog contracts.

Gina Krog assignments brings Ramboll’s global competencies in play

The Gina Krog contract will draw on the strengths of several parts of Ramboll.

“This contract is a great example of Ramboll’s strength when we combine our resources and competences from our offices in India, Norway, Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Denmark”, says Søren Skovgård Møller and continues “Additionally, the complexity and duration of the projects will form basis for further growth on the pipeline engineering area in Ramboll”.

Press Release, March 20, 2013