DesignPro’s hydrokinetic turbines en route to France

DesignPro Renewables’ hydrokinetic turbines that will be tested at the SEENEOH site in Bordeaux have been sent off from County Limerick, Ireland, and are now on their way to France.

The two vertical axis turbines are being shipped by a lorry, and are expected to arrive early next week and head to the EVIAA workshop near Bordeaux, where they will be assembled to the access platform.

The DesignPro technical team will travel to France in mid-September to work with the test site on the commissioning of the turbines. The turbines will be assembled to the platform on a dry dock before being towed to their test location at the SEENEOH site for mooring and grid connection.

Once connected, the 25kW turbines will undergo extensive environmental and operational testing. In addition, power outputs will be closely monitored in order to officially validate and certify the company’s power curves to internationally recognised Bureau Veritas standards.

During this period, the DesignPro technology will be generating renewable power to the French grid.

On the development and testing of the 25kW hydrokinetic turbine, DesignPro has also been joined by Mitsubishi Electric, which has been working with DesignPro on the power take-off (PTO) system for the device.

In conjunction with this part of the project, DesignPro is also in the design process of its next, larger 60kW machine.

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