Developers Seek Interest in UK-Norway Interconnector Cabling Work

Developers Seek Interest in UK-Norway Interconnector Cabling Work

National Grid NSN Link Ltd and Statnett SF have issued a call for Expressions of Interest for their subsea electricity interconnector project that will run between Norway and the UK.

The scope of the work for a submarine and underground cable system covers, but is not limited to: design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, installation, assembly, testing, commissioning and maintenance.

Under the project called “NSN”, the companies are developing a subsea link between these two countries with a capacity of 1,400 MW. The link will pave the way for further integration of the North-European power markets and strengthen its power grid.

This project will largely contribute to the production and consumption of renewable energy and help achieve EU 2020 renewable goals.

The UK-Norway interconnector is expected to be completed by 2019/2020. When completed, it will be the world’s longest subsea power cable.

Deadline for the Expression of Interest is October 21, 2013. Divided into 3 lots, tenders may be submitted for a part or the whole lots.

Lot 1 (the Fjord Section) comprises providing of a submarine cable and installation (including protection) of approximately 244km route length submarine cable with installation depth down to 600m. This lot also includes a 6km onshore underground cable (2.5km in tunnel, 2km submarine cable and 1.5km onshore trench).

Lot 2 (the Mid Section) involves approximately 260km route length of a submarine cable and its installation (including protection).

Lot 3 (the UK Section) entails an approximately 207km route length submarine cable and installation (including protection), and a 3km route length onshore underground cable and installation (including trench).

Commissioning and maintenance are required for all lengths in every lot.

September 20, 2013