DMCA and DoT Abu Dhabi Discuss Navigation Warning Protocols

DMCA and DoT Abu Dhabi Discuss Navigation Warning Protocols

The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), the government authority charged with regulating, coordinating and supervising all aspects of Dubai’s maritime sector, received technical team from the Department of Transport (DoT) Abu Dhabi to discuss, develop and implement new maritime regulations and legislations to achieve the highest standards of safety, sustainability and development for the local maritime sector.

Capt. Khamis Mohammed Would Ghumail, Manager – Navigational Services, DMCA, opened the meeting by welcoming the representatives of DoT Abu Dhabi and appreciating their cooperation in discussing the latest developments in maritime industry. Among the key points raised by DoT officials were the Process and Procedure for Issuance of Navigation Warning, NOC for Deployments of Buoys and Coastal Projects, and Registration and Inspection of Jet Skis.

Capt. Khamis said: “DMCA commends the efforts undertaken by the DoT Abu Dhabi to strengthen communication, enhance cooperation and build coordination between the two government entities. During the meeting, we discussed a comprehensive yet practical manner to ensure proper and full implementation of regulations and legislations in order to create a secure and sustainable maritime industry.”

DoT Abu Dhabi thanked DMCA for their cooperation in the exchange of knowledge and information that will help them regulate of Abu Dhabi’s maritime industry. At the end of the meeting, both the government departments agreed on sustaining cooperation and correspondence along with a commitment to hosting monthly meetings to discuss nation’s maritime sector.


DMCA, November 4, 2013