DNV GL Verifies Nacelle-Mounted ZephIR LiDAR

ZephIR’s nacelle-mounted LiDAR has been verified by DNV GL after an independent performance verification of the LiDAR has been undertaken by DNV GL on the test site in Janneby, Germany, which demonstrates the product is compliant with best-practice guidelines developed in the EUDP UniTTe programmes.

In the verification, the ZephIR DM nacelle-mounted LiDAR was mounted horizontally on a raised platform (FW-MM) – 180m away from two reference met masts (T-MM-N and T-MM-S) equipped with calibrated anemometers at DNV GL’s test site, located 20 km southwest of Flensburg, Germany.

A series of tests and subsequent analysis was undertaken by DNV GL on the performance of the ZephIR DM.

ZephIR Lidar’s nacelle-based wind profiler, ZephIR DM, has been demonstrated to measure wind speed when mounted on a wind turbine at a very accurate level. Additionally, the ZephIR DM offers the advantage of being mobile and scanning at up to several hundred metres ahead of the rotor in free stream wind flow for a power curve measurement, ZephIR said.

The unit used in this test will operate as a Gold Standard Nacelle-Lidar suitable for further tests, validations and performance verifications at the UK Remote Sensing Test Site where a range of remote sensing devices undergo independent performance verification.

Applications for the nacelle-mounted LiDAR include power curve measurements, turbine troubleshooting including yaw alignment studies and Nacelle Transfer Function optimisation, and turbine End of Warranty inspections.

ZephIR DM has also been deployed on Lincs Wind Farm with Centrica Energy.

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