DOE and NOAA Reveal New USD 3 Mln Prize Competition

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U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), along with NOAA, has revealed a $3 million prize competition to generate innovation in marine energy-powered ocean observing platforms.

The Powering the Blue Economy Ocean Observing Prize will draw upon American innovators to accelerate technology development through a series of contests to demonstrate marine renewable energy-powered ocean observing platforms.

The United States is a leader in developing next-generation marine renewable energy technologies,” said Under Secretary of Energy Mark W. Menezes. “This Ocean Observing Prize will demonstrate how marine energy technologies are uniquely suited to power the systems that collect data to expand our understanding of the ocean.”

Ocean-based scientific instruments provide data critical to our understanding of the environment that benefits public safety and our economy,” said Neil Jacobs, Ph.D, acting NOAA administrator. “This prize will help spur technological innovation so our next generation of ocean observing instruments have the power they need to deliver more high quality and timely ocean data over a longer period of time.”

The Ocean Observing Prize is the second under DOE’s Powering the Blue Economy initiative, a portfolio of projects that explores self-sufficient applications of marine renewable energy to power desalination, ocean observing, and offshore aquaculture, among others.

The Ocean Observing Prize will provide innovators a pathway from concept to design to construction, with two separate competitions and prize awards during each phase. The first competition- ‘Discovery’ will solicit novel concepts that pair ocean observing technologies with marine energy systems to address five broad themes: charging unmanned systems; communications and underwater navigation; extreme environments; buoys, floats, and tags; and innovative ideas.

The Prize will then have follow-on ‘Design’ and ‘Build’ competitions to bring innovators’ ideas to reality.

The Ocean Observing Prize is led by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) at DOE and NOAA’s Integrated Ocean Observing System program.

The Ocean Observing Prize is administered by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on the American Made Challenge platform.

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