DOF Subsea lands multiple North Sea contracts

DOF Subsea lands multiple North Sea contracts

DOF Subsea has acquired multiple contracts for execution in the North Sea, including a number of subsea projects with inspection, maintenance & repair (IMR), construction, and decommissioning services.

DOF Subsea

DOF Subsea plans to employ Skandi Acergy, Skandi Skansen, Skandi Iceman, Skandi Hera, and a contracted third-party vessel in the offshore execution phases.

The projects will be carried out in 2021 over the course of 340 vessel days.

Under the contracts, the company’s subsea team across Bergen and Aberdeen is to deliver project management, engineering, procurement, and logistics.

For an undisclosed client, DOF Subsea will deliver construction assets and associated services during the construction phase of an offshore wind project. The project totals at least 150 vessel days.

Additionally, the company plans to deploy multiple vessels in-field during the execution phases of several EPRD (engineering, preparation, removal, and disposal) decommissioning contracts.

Mons S. Aase, CEO of DOF Subsea, said: “I am pleased by the continued trust from our clients in Norway and United Kingdom. DOF Subsea continues to secure projects across the energy sector, delivering mission critical solutions without compromise to safety”.