Dolphin buys WesternGeco streamers for Polar Empress

Dolphin Group ASA has selected WesternGeco Q-Marine point-receiver marine seismic system for the vessel Polar Empress.

Dolphin says that this purchase of the Q-Marine system is a first step towards a potential opportunity for purchase of a WesternGeco IsoMetrix marine isometric seismic technology. The multi-measurement IsoMetrix technology is enabled by a streamer design that combines measurements of the total seismic pressure wave-field and its gradient-both vertically and cross-line.

Dolphin notes that the adoption of WesternGeco field-proven technology will allow it to offer the most advanced and efficient seismic acquisition systems to the clients assisting in exploration and production of hydrocarbon reserves.

The initial Q-Marine system purchase will consist of complete seismic equipment outfitting with sixteen full-length streamers, steering arrangements, and source and control systems. When the Dolphin charter of Polar Empress begins in April 2015, she will carry the highest nominal streamer inventory in the seismic industry, Dolphin explains in the press release.

Dolphin has entered into a completely fully-financed lease agreement with Schlumberger of approximately $40 million, to be repaid in equal instalments including interest over 38 months. Further, Dolphin will invest additional $5 million in frontend towing equipment to enable super-wide configurations.

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