Dolphin Returns Two Seismic Vessels to Sanco

Dolphin, a provider of marine seismic services, has received a Notice of Time Charter termination for the two vessels Sanco Swift and Sanco Sword.

The new operator of these vessels will be another seismic player-PGS. The company announced today that it has entered into charter agreements leading to cold-stacking of its Ramform Vanguard and Ramform Valiant.

According to PGS, the equipment on the cold-stacked vessels will be used to equip the two chartered vessels.

The sister vessels were on a five-year Dolphin charter from Sanco Shipping.

Dolphin said that the company is presently evaluating the validity and effect of the notice in respect to the present difficult market situation.

The vessels, both of ST 324 CD design from Skipsteknisk, were delivered from Kleven Myklebust yard.

Sanco Swift was built in 2013 and Sanco Sword a year after.

Both vessels are 96 meters long and capable of towing spreads of up to 16 streamers at 100 separation.

Subsea World News Staff