DSIC marks milestone in the construction of LNG-powered VLCC

CSSC delivers LNG-powered VLCC
Image credit: CSSC

Dalian Shipbuilding Industry, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, has delivered what has been described as the world’s first dual-fuel VLCC 2x3500m³ C-type LNG cryogenic storage tank.

Image credit: CSSC

The 2x3500m³ C-type LNG cryogenic storage tanks, developed independently by the group, are compliant with the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) Phase III.

The main material of the storage tank is made of 9Ni steel, which can operate safely under the -163 ℃ ultra-low temperature environment. When fully loaded with LNG fuel, it has the ability to meet the gas supply-demand of a VLCC for one voyage to and from the Middle East, CSSC said.

The shipbuilding major believes that the successful delivery of the storage tank marks a major breakthrough in key technologies in the field of LNG cryogenic storage tanks for ultra-large dual-fuel ships. 

The tank is intended for dual-fuel LNG-powered very large crude carrier (VLCC) for COSCO Shipping Group.

The ships were ordered in 2017 as conventionally fueled VLCCs. A year ago, COSCO Shipping amended the contract seeking for a VLCC to be powered by LNG.

Under the new agreement, the order value has been increased by a further $6 million.

Due to the changes agreed, the delivery of the vessel has been pushed back from March 31, 2021, as initially agreed, to December 31, 2021.

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