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DSME, Port of Rotterdam team up on smart ship – smart port interface

South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) will join hands with the Dutch Port of Rotterdam Authority (PoR) to realize maritime digitalization by the development of the interface between a smart ship and a smart port.

Port of Rotterdam
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On 20 July, DSME signed “an exclusive and strategic cooperation framework agreement” with PoR to conduct research and develop projects in the area of smart ships and smart ports for the next three years.

Being Europe’s largest sea port, the Port of Rotterdam is recognized as the most automated and digitalized port around the world, and recently, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) rated it as the best player among worldwide seaports for terminal automation, port digitalization, and the readiness for smart ships and autonomous vessels. In particular, PoR is the only one that has increased the operational efficiency by 30 per cent despite the recent impact of the COVID-19, attracting attention from the global smart port market.

Specifically, DSME and the port authority have agreed to cooperate on smart ship and smart port communication standards development; digital twin development for interface between ship and port; port and ship dynamic information interface test; and port planning and voyage key performance modeling and evaluation.

Through this joint cooperation, the two organizations are planning to prepare for smart ships suitable for smart ports and dominate the upcoming global remote controlled and autonomous ship market in advance.

Additionally, they agreed to work on achieving a common goal for digitalized and decarbonized shipping that meets future customer demands and global environmental regulations.

“This strategic cooperation will not merely be limited to develop new technologies, but thoroughly verify them so that they can be applied to actual ships,” DSME officials said.

“As a result, smart ships could expect improved operational efficiency and safety, while smart ports are also anticipated to enhance the efficiency of port operations and reduce environmental pollutions.”

In the meantime, DSME signed a cooperation agreement for the research and development of digital twin-based smart ships and smart port systems with Busan Port Authority (BPA) and Busan Industrial Institute of Industry, Science & Technology Planning (BISTEP) on 8 July.

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