Dubai Maritime City Authority Visits Australia

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A technical delegation from the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), headed by Mohammed Al Bastaki, Director of Maritime Operations, visited Australia for a series of bilateral meetings with government authorities and pioneers in the maritime sector.

DMCA AustraliaThe delegation met with the General Director of the Maritime Authority in Queensland to discuss their best practices in running marinas, marine clubs, and water channels, followed by a visit to offshore locations, to further learn how to reduce marine pollution and enhance public awareness of the importance of marine signs and signboards.

The DMCA delegation also met with the officials of the Gold Coast Waterways Authority Control, to talk about the main issues relating to marine operations.

At Queensland Government’s Department of Marine Management and Control, the parties discussed chemical and oil pollution prevention.

DMCA concluded its visit to Australia by meeting seaports officials in the city of Brisbane regarding the ways to dispose of ship wastes and sewage as well as the best policies to ensure maritime safety.

Mohammed Al Bastaki, Director of Maritime Operations, DMCA, said “The visit to Australia was an ideal opportunity for us to find out about the country’s successful experiences in terms of enhancing and developing the marine sector and ensuring the highest standards of maritime safety and operational efficiency.

During our bilateral meetings with key officials and decision makers, we were committed to exploring the prospects of future cooperation for us to achieve our common aspirations.


May 27, 2014


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