Dutch government plans €12 billion for renewables in 2017

Illustration/Tocardo's Eastern Scheldt tidal array (Photo: Tocardo Tidal Turbines)
Illustration/Tocardo’s Eastern Scheldt tidal array (Photo: Tocardo Tidal Turbines)

Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Hank Kemp, has unveiled the government’s plans to allocate €12 billion for renewable energy projects in 2017.

In a letter to parliament, Kemp announced plans to spend €12 billion on subsidies for renewable energy projects in 2017, including tidal energy projects, through two tendering processes set for spring and autumn next year as part of the SDE+ scheme.

The SDE+ (Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie/Encouraging Sustainable Energy Production) is designed with the aim to generate as much renewable energy as possible at the lowest cost, meaning that the applicant which submits project proposal for a lower subsidy than the others tendering, is more likely to receive the grant.

The first tender, under which €6 billion will be available, will run from March 7 to March 30, 2017, Kemp said, with the exact dates for the second tender expected to be revealed before June 1, 2017.

The budget of €12 billion allocated for renewable energy projects in 2017 by the Dutch government represents an increase of €3 billion compared to a year earlier, and an increase of €8.5 billion from what it was in 2015.

The increase in budget for renewables goes in line with the Dutch government’s commitment to achieve 14% renewable energy generation in 2020, and 16% in 2023.

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