Dutch UXO consultancy sets up US entity

Dutch UXO consultancy NjordIC has opened an office in Houston, Texas, to support the development of the U.S. offshore wind sector.


NjordIC USA LLC will offer UXO consultancy services for developers and contractors of offshore wind projects to strengthen the offshore UXO service industry in this region, using its experience from the North and Baltic Seas.

The new company will also provide UXO desktop studies, UXO risk assessment studies, UXO tender support, UXO client rep services, UXO ALARP sign-off services and UXO management services.

According to NjordIC, the U.S. company will offer its services to the U.S. dredging industry and oil and gas companies, as well.

“We are excited to enter the U.S. and offer our specific and unique knowledge and experience to the U.S. offshore market. Our aim is to use our experience and lessons learned to advise our clients in the most efficient way to ensure a safe working environment,” said Erik Wildeman, UXO consultant for NjordIC USA LLC.

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