Eastland Port Dredging Underway

Eastland Port’s dredger Pukunui is going about its work in the bay, maintaining the depth of the channel.

Image source: Eastland Port

Eastland Port, like all ports in New Zealand, is designated an essential service by the government for COVID-19 Level 4,” said chief operating officer Andrew Gaddum. “We’re required to keep the port fully operational at all times, under Level 4 regulations and also the Civil Defence Act. Maintaining the channel is part of this.”

The dredging removes sediment, keeping the channel open to allow ships to come into port and berth safely.

The Pukunui will be working on and off, as required and as the weather permits, over the coming weeks, reported the port.

They also added that the crew will be wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and follow stringent health and safety and distancing protocols.