Photo: Eco Wave Power's wave energy conversion unit (Courtesy of Eco Wave Power)

Eco Wave Power all set for wave energy installation works in Israel

Swedish-Israeli company Eco Wave Power has welcomed a wave energy conversion unit to the site at the Port of Jaffa in Israel ahead of installation works expected to begin shortly.

Photo showing Eco Wave Power's wave energy conversion unit (Courtesy of Eco Wave Power)
Eco Wave Power’s wave energy conversion unit (Courtesy of Eco Wave Power)

With preparations underway for the unit’s installation, the project is proceeding on schedule and everything is in place for the start of installation works for the power plant, according to Eco Wave Power.

The works are part of the ‘EWP-EDF One’ wave energy project, which will include the installation of 10 floaters that will be connected to one conversion unit.

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The ‘EWP-EDF One’ conversion unit is located on land, just like a regular power station, which enables easy access for operation and maintenance. 

Inna Braverman, CEO of Eco Wave Power, said: “We are delighted with the progress the team has made so far. The conversion unit has arrived at site and everything is now in place for the installation work that will begin shortly. We are on track towards project finalization and look forward to seeing our solution up and running in the port.

“This has been a large effort from multiple teams from Eco Wave Power and EDF Renewables IL, and we are pleased with how the project is looking at the moment”.

The ‘EWP-EDF One’ project is being developed in collaboration with EDF Renewables Israel and co-funding from the Israeli Energy Ministry.