Eco Wave Power Eyes Italian and Dutch Port Projects

Eco Wave Power has signed a letter of intent with the Port of Taranto, in Italy for the development of the first wave energy power station in Italy.

Representatives from Eco Wave Power will arrive to the port again in July for in-depth discussion on the best path forward, the company said.

In addition, Eco Wave Power has entered initial agreements regarding potential projects with the Port of Rotterdam and also with Impuls Zeeland, regarding the development of a wave energy project in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands.

The company also entered an initial agreement with Vopak. A publicly traded Dutch company will promote the implementation of the EWP technology in ports, jetties and breakwater under its supervision including locations in Singapore, China & Panama.

Furthermore, EWP has secured a grant from the Israeli Energy Ministry for the expansion and grid connection of its project in Jaffa Port, which will be the company’s second grid connected project in the world. EWP is executing the Jaffa Port expansion through a joint venture agreement signed with EDF EN IL, a subsidiary of EDF Energies.