Eco Wave Power Wins UN Global Climate Action Award

Eco Wave Power has been announced as one of the 15 winners of the 2019 UN ‘Momentum for Change’ Global Climate Action Award.

Niclas Svenningsen, manager of the UN Climate Change Global Climate Action programme congratulated Eco Wave Power for winning the “Global Climate Action Award” and said:

This year, we had over 670 incredible applications for the UN Global Climate Action Award. It is our pleasure to give this award to Eco Wave Power. Their innovative technology serves as a beacon, guiding us towards a more sustainable future for all.”

Their project generates clean and affordable energy from the ocean led by technology entrepreneur, Inna Braverman – and in turn provides a shining example of a scalable, effective climate solution, that’s led by a female co-founder and CEO,” Svenningsen concluded.

Inna Braverman, Co-Founder and CEO of Eco Wave Power said:

We are honored to receive such significant award and recognition from the United Nations. Energy generation is a dominant cause of climate change – accounting for about 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, there is a pressing need to secure new and clean methods of energy production. With more than half the world’s population living within 100 km of the coastline, wave energy has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced in energy generation by traditional fossil fuel. I am very proud to be a woman fighting against climate change through technology innovation, knowing that, according to a UN report, some 80% of people being displaced by climate change are actually women.”

Eco Wave Power and all Award recipients will be showcased at a series of special events during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Santiago, Chile, in December 2019.