EdgeTech launches nadir gap-fill sonar

Subsea technology company EdgeTech has launched a new solution to provide nadir gap coverage on the EdgeTech 2205 sonar platforms.

The 2205 system with gap-fill technology was designed specifically for hosted platforms operating in shallow water or within close proximity to the bottom.

The sonar, available in a number of dual and tri-frequency options, can be deployed on unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

The gap-fill technology is also available in a number of frequency options with the 850kHz and 1600kHz dual-frequency combination recommended for high-resolution side scan sonar surveys.

Complementing the new technology is SonarWiz from Chesapeake Technology, providing a software solution to support processing and mosaicking the gap-fill solution.

EdgeTech gap-fill sonar example (Courtesy of EdgeTech)

“Unique to EdgeTech’s gap-fill solution is the ability to “see” the nadir gap from both the left and right sides, providing shadows from either direction, as well as in a three-dimensional aspect in the nadir gap. Gap-fill shadows are perpendicular to the vehicle’s path and consistent with traditional side scan methods enabling easy interpretation of data”, the company said.

Additionally, gap fill data in the 2205 system is coincident with the side scan data and is therefore geospatially the same.

The area directly below the vehicle, until now often lacking in coverage, can now be viewed with the gap data mosaicked right into the main side scan sonar display using SonarWiz, EdgeTech explained.

In June this year, Ashtead Technology invested over £1 million in a range of EdgeTech sonar imaging and underwater technology systems including the 2205-ROV and 2050-DSS side scan and sub-bottom systems.

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