Edinburgh Uni seeks tidal energy research wingman

Illustration (Photo: University of Edinburgh)

The University of Edinburgh is looking for research associate in resource characterization for tidal energy to join its Institute for Energy Systems in the School of Engineering.

The successful candidate will be working on advanced resource characterizations for tidal energy applications within the project team working on the €5 million Horizon-2020 RealTide project.

The multidisciplinary project team includes experimental hydrodynamicists, electrical power engineers, electrical machines specialists and computational modellers.

RealTide is focused on delivering design improvements for tidal turbines subjected to real environmental flows and real loadings resulting from turbulence in the flow and wave-current effects.

Project activities span numerical modelling, scale model tank-testing and field measurement campaigns.

The scope of work for the position include conducting research of importance to the design and operation of tidal turbines through the acquisition, processing and dissemination of world-leading datasets derived from the ocean, numerical simulations and the laboratory, according to the University of Edinburgh.

These will be subsequently used by the entire project team particularly in the CFD modelling and physical tank-testing activities, the University noted.

The closing date for applications to the position has been set for April 3, 2018.