ELA Invests in Production of 20 New Offshore Containers

ELA Container Offshore GmbH has announced the production of 20 new Offshore Living Quarters and Multipurpose Rooms as of beginning of February. The company says that it wants to be able to always react to customers’ needs at short notice.

Thereby, within just one year, the Offshore-Rental-Fleet increases to 370 units, 320 of which are currently leased out throughout Europe.

“During past offshore projects we recognized the need to deliver containers immediately or just within a few days. To be able to promise and realize an on-time delivery to our clients we start producing new containers for our fleet as soon as stock is low,” Managing Director of ELA Container Offshore GmbH, Hans Gatzemeier, said.

The whole production of the units and its interior outfitting is carried out in Haren, Germany.

The first Offshore Containers are scheduled to be ready for rental use from March.

Image: ELA Container Offshore GmbH

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