Illustration (Courtesy of IECRE)

ENCORE releases courses to speed up innovation in marine energy

The ENCORE project and its partners have released a number of e-learning courses, designed to train and prepare talent to further advance the marine energy industry.

Illustration (Courtesy of IECRE)
Illustration (Courtesy of IECRE)
Illustration (Courtesy of IECRE)

The Interreg ENCORE project was launched in 2020, and can be described as an international consortium which aims to accelerate technological development in the field of marine energy.

Not unlike wind and solar energy, the sea offers many other opportunities to generate renewable energy, through wave and tidal power.

Many people working on the ENCORE project have built ties with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and IEC System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for use in Renewable Energy applications (IECRE).

This has evolved from their contribution in the different IEC Technical Committee 114 working groups or through their position within a renewable energy testing laboratory or renewable energy certification body. IEC TC 114 prepares standards for marine energy, whether relating to wave, tidal or other water current converters.

Preparing new talent

One of the main goals of the ENCORE project is to develop a strategy to bring future innovations to market faster. This includes the development of an education program to train and prepare talent to further advance the industry, with input from various stakeholders including the IEC Academy.

The development of this education package was accomplished by working with the IECRE and IEC TC 114. Conformity assessment and the use of international standards are essential to the development of the industry and such topics are included in the following online courses.

For example, the course International Certification of Marine Energy Technology within the IECRE covers all essential aspects of conformity assessment and has been reviewed by experts from TC 114 and endorsed by IECRE chair, Jonathan Colby.

ENCORE, and its project partners have released direct links to the following courses:

Course 1 – Introduction to Offshore Renewable Energy

Course 2 – Technology Development

Course 3 – Testing Marine Energy Converters

Course 5 – International certification of marine energy technology within IECRE

Course 7 – Environmental Impact

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