‘Energising the Nation’s Future’: First Samsung Galaxy Tablet Awarded

'Energising the Nation’s Future'  Marks End of First Month (UK)

‘Energising the Nation’s Future’, the nationwide awareness campaign designed to improve recognition and understanding of the oil and gas industry, has marked the end of its first month by giving away a state-of-the-art Samsung Galaxy Tablet to Rod Buchan, formerly of Cosalt Offshore (UK), Aberdeen. The winner was selected at random.

Every month between May and September, Oil & Gas UK will be giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tablet to a lucky winner who registers on the campaign website.

Rod Buchan was the CEO of Cosalt Offshore (UK), a leading provider of lifting, tooling and marine services to the oil and gas industry, and has worked in the industry for over 30 years.

Since the campaign launched on 30 April, oil and gas industry employees have been registering their interest online, mapping their location and relationship to the sector, and sharing their experiences. This information is helping to build a comprehensive picture of the industry’s UK-wide network of skilled workers and celebrating the breadth of the supply chain supported by the sector.

The ‘Energising the Nation’s Future’ campaign focuses on three key attributes of the oil and gas industry: innovation, skilled job creation and economic contribution.

Rod Buchan, the former CEO of Cosalt Offshore (UK), and first competition winner, commented: “I’m proud to be involved in one of the most vibrant and successful sectors of the UK economy and look forward to seeing how the campaign unfolds. I really would encourage people in the industry to register, as it’s a great sector to work in and one that does not get the recognition it deserves. It only takes a couple of minutes and the fact that you might win a brand new tablet is a great bonus!”

Malcolm Webb, chief executive of Oil & Gas UK, said: “The UK oil and gas industry is one of the few, true UK engineering success stories and the ‘Energising the Nation’s Future’ campaign aims to ensure that our sector and our members’ contributions are recognised fully. The reaction of our members to the campaign illustrates the pride of those working right across the industry, as well as the huge contribution that the sector makes to the UK.”

The next winner will be announced at the beginning of July.


Press Release, June 7, 2013