Enhanced Drilling bags framework deal with Vår Energi

Norway-based Enhanced Drilling has secured a framework agreement with energy company Vår Energi.

The deal will see Enhanced Drilling provide cutting transportation system (CTS) and also riserless mud recovery (RMR) services on Vår Energi-operated fields.

Specifically, RMR ensures all mud and cuttings return to the rig, with zero discharge to the sea.

The result is a safer and more stable top-hole, drilled with minimal environmental impact. Utilisation for the CTS and RMR systems took place on over 900 wells worldwide.

The technology and services from Enhanced Drilling will find their use on the Balder Field, Goliat Field and various exploration wells on the NCS.

Enhanced Drilling’s CTS technology enables the operators to take cuttings, cement, mud, clay and other deposits away from the well in a safe and efficient matter and dump it on a designated location on seabed.

As well as CTS and RMR, the company is known for its EC-Drill Managed Pressure Drilling system and service, based on a Controlled Mud Level (CML) technique.