Photo: Image by Eastern Pacific Shipping

EPS trials biofuel with GoodFuels

Singaporean-based tonnage provider Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) has hired GoodFuels to supply biofuel bunkers for one of its MR tankers.

The company bunkered its 2010-built 47,377 deadweight tonne MR tanker M/T Pacific Beryl. with the residual-fuel equivalent Bio-Fuel Oil on October 9 in Dutch waters.

The BFO’s performance will be tested and analysed on M/T Pacific Beryl, and the company plans to test the fuel on other classes of EPS managed ships in the near future.

The move is in line with EPS’ Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Policy, which calls for the testing and use of various alternative marine fuels to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

“At EPS, we believe that sustainability begins with accountability, which is why we are taking a mixed marine fuel approach towards reducing our emissions. We are already implementing LNG and LPG across 30 of our newbuilds, but we need to look at other options for our existing fleet,” EPS CEO Cyril Ducau said.

“Biofuels, such as the advanced, sustainable biofuels supplied by GoodFuels, provides us with a solution that matches our values and sustainability agenda. Our whole team is looking forward to the results of this trial and expects biofuels to be another example of not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

“Together, we are showing the shipping industry, and the world, that sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of operations already exist on the market – and that advanced marine biofuels will play an important part in the future alternative fuel mix,” Bart Hellings, Chief Operating Officer at GoodFuels, added.

As explained by GoodFuels, BFO is a direct drop-in replacement for heavy fuel oil, containing no sulphur and 90% less carbon when compared to traditional fossil-based fuels such as heavy fuel oil.

They are suitable for every type of vessel, without requiring any modifications to engine room equipment.

Several companies, including MSC, Norden, Jumbo and Van Oord are testing biofuels on their fleets as part of their sustainability strategies.