ESS Provides Buoyancy for Bluefin’s Subsea Vehicles

Engineered Syntactic Systems (ESS), a global supplier of syntactic solutions, has equipped Bluefin Robotics’ subsea vehicles with syntactic buoyancy systems.

ESS provides Bluefin Robotic with syntactic buoyancy systems for their family of AUVs, including the 4 500 meter Artemis 21 used in the ongoing search for missing Malaysian Airline’s Flight 370.

The Bluefin 21 was designed for extended remote operations in the hostile conditions of the deep sea. ESS worked closely with Bluefin to engineer a buoyancy solution that would meet their design specifications, providing a syntactic material with the lowest density available for that depth, thereby the most lift.

The folks at Bluefin came to us looking for a buoyancy package that could go to 4 500 meters and still fulfill their stringent density requirements. We worked closely with them to develop a product that would meet their needs,” says Thomas Murray, managing partner at Engineered Syntactic Systems.

ESS has extensive knowledge in the area of syntactic materials,” said Harry Stants, Director of Manufacturing and Supply Chain at Bluefin Robotics. “We trusted them to develop a buoyancy system that would keep the overall vehicle weight low – but was durable enough to take the pressure of the operational depth.”

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