Eversafe Marine Splashes New Accommodation Work Barge, China

Eversafe Marine Splashes New Accommodation Work Barge

Eversafe Marine launched the 370 men accommodation and work barge with marine airbags in Jiangsu Province. That barge is a general purpose accommodation work barge with eight points mooring system and a helideck and accommodation for 370 men.

The accommodation barge is 110 meters long, 31.7 meters wide with 5 meters design draft. The net tonnage of barge is 5800 tons; its gross weight reaches 12000 tons.

Total 34 pieces heavy duty airbags were arranged in two rows to launch the barge; one 25 tons winch was deployed to hold the barge on slipway before launching. In high tide time people cut off pulling wires to launch the barge. With rolling airbags barge entered into water and floated smoothly.

Barge is the most suitable type vessel for airbag launching. According to scientific calculation, DWT 100,000 tons barge can be safely launched with marine airbags. Even this goal has not be achieved yet but we believe it will be completed in near future.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, August 21, 2012