Photo: Exowave concept for large-scale wave energy device (Courtesy of Exowave)

Exowave bags government funding for multi-use wave energy device

Clean energy technology start-up Exowave has secured funding from the Danish government to advance the project that combines wave energy extraction with desalination and hydrogen production.

An image showing a concept for Exowave large-scale wave energy device (Courtesy of Exowave)
Exowave concept for large-scale wave energy device (Courtesy of Exowave)

Namely, Exowave has won over €600,000 grant from the Danish EUDP (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program) for its innovative cleantech project dubbed ‘Exowave, Water, Electricity and PtX’.

The project consists of the development and demonstration of the Exowave WEC10 wave energy converter in combination with a bespoke desalination system to produce pure water to be used for hydrogen production.

The demonstration offshore will take place in late summer 2021 in the North Sea at the north west coast of Denmark, according to Exowave.

“This approval will allow the company to increase the pace of its development and get closer to the commercial deployment of its technology, following its vision to make fresh water and clean energy a reality for everyone”, Exowave said in a statement.

The Exowave wave energy device is an oscillating wave surge converter that extracts the kinetic energy from the ocean waves through bottom-hinged flaps.

The technology can be coupled with complementary market solutions to produce green electricity, air-conditioning, and fresh water.